JA-DE GmbH & Co KG

Woodworking demands sensitivity, creativity and professionalism.

This diversity has fascinated us since our company was founded in 1970. Since 2005, Claudia Völker (diploma in business administration) and Bernd Völker (state-certified wood technician) have run the company in the second generation with just as much enthusiasm and love for the natural material wood.

For our customers from the furniture industry, shop and shipbuilding, upscale interior fittings and for developers of exclusive designs in Germany and Europe, we manufacture furniture parts in the solid wood, plywood, wood materials and veneer segments with 20 employees. We see ourselves as a system supplier that manufactures both complex especially three-dimensional and simple wooden elements. After processing in modern machinery, our experienced employees are still involved in the grinding and final inspection and thus achieve visible and tangible quality.

Our semi-finished products become part of a harmonious whole in cabinets, chairs, tables, beds or individual products. Design, wood quality or surface treatment let us know your ideas and send us your article drawing. We take care of the implementation. We would be happy to help you with product development in personal customer discussions in order to show you how to optimize costs.

Quality made in Germany, reliability and punctuality are our top maxims. Short delivery times and flexible order processing are part of our standard.